What is PV-Counter

PV-Counter is a light-weighted third party website page visit count service. By using PV-Counter, it is easy to count the page views. Currently, PV-Counter is able to count PV (Page View), VV (Visit View) and UV (Unique View), ranging from a single page to the whole site.

Easy start

To apply PV-Counter to your website, simply add the script at the bottom,


and add class cr-count-pv to an element where the PV will be shown.

Customize url pattern

Assume a website url looks like example.com/post?id=2&utm_source=, by default, PV-Counter will ignore the query part ?id=2&utm_source= , to count id but ignore utm_source, just add a pattern /post?id=? to the domain example.com.


Thank you for using. This document has not been completed yet. If you have any problem, feel free to contact me at support@newnius.com